shantiniketan places to visit in Santiniketan


Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary

 Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Sriniketan, 3 kms from Santiniketan. Popular as Deer Park,

 It is now a large wooded area with herds of deer and makes a natural bird sanctuary. It is known to all people of the Bolpur subdivition of Birbhum district due to its all about lush green fields and red soil. The natural greenery forest and its ever green beauty attracts people 


Prayer Hall

The prayer hall (Upasna Ghar) is one of the most stunning buildings in all of Santiniketan. Made from Belgian Glass, the hall Is also called Kanch Mandir, which derives its name from the glass laden walls .Prayers are held every Wednesday and the hall is lined with candles every evening, accentuating its beauty. 


Khoai Sonajhuri(haat)

 The Khoai Shantiniketan region in Bolpur is characterised by a patch of dry forest of Sonajhuri (Acacia Auriculiformis) trees on an eroded landscape of red laterite soil. This unique look of the forest was immortalised by Rabindranath Tagore in many of his compositions. The Sonajhuri forest in Khoai is surrounded by the famous Kopai River (Tagore’s Amader Choto Nadi) on one side and Ballavpur Forest and Bonerpukur Adivasi Village on other sides  


Kala Bhavan

 Kala Bhavan, as the name suggests, promotes art among the students. The place focuses on developing the artistic bent among its patrons and very aptly also has the most beautifully done block. 


Amar Kutir

 This is place for shopping shantiniketan special handcrafted goods. It is a govt authorized shop where cotton and slik printed , painted stitched colorful clothes, bed sheet and leather wooden handcrafted things available a reasonable price. It also has small museum of handcrafted showpieces. Also few local people always there for Folk song entertainment. You can get new local vendors selling misti doi, kher, panipuri vendor and ice cream seller. 



 Location  : 9 KMs far on the north-east from Bolpur Railway Station.Communication  :  Well connected by Bolpur-Labpur bus route.Famous For  :  It is one of the fifty two pithas or sacred where a part of the   dismembered body of Sati fell. In this case the waist (Kankal),   hence the name. 

 shantiniketan places to visit in Santiniketan 

 Lodge Lipika in Santiniketan  

santiniketan sightseeing attraction in Kolkata

shantiniketan places to visit in Santiniketan


Tagore's Ashram (Musuem)

 Known as Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore's abode, Tagore's Ashram is one of the must visit places in Santiniketan. It was founded in 1863 by his father, Maharishi Devendranath Tagore. A heritage site well preserved by the authorities,  It is famous for its very relaxing atmosphere with some of the most picturesque views in the whole of Santiniketan. The place still bears tradition of educating students, not in confined spaces but the lap of nature. Bengali culture is showcased at its best 


Srijani Shilpagram

The Srijani Shilpagram in Shantiniketan, Bolpur in Birbhum District of West Bengal, incorporates huts that showcase the traditional and ethnic crafts and art forms of the country. It functions under the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (EZCC) and includes huts representing EZCC’s member states. The ethnic ornaments, musical instruments, patachitra are all displayed here 



Bakreswar is also known for its eight hot springs which has varying temperatures.It is believed that the water of these springs have healing properties. Also  Bakreswar temple which is dedicated to lord Bakranath (Shiva) and goddess Kali. The temple is believed to be erected at the spot where the forehead and brows of Goddess Sathi fell 



 The surrounding forest areas and hills offer some great views of nature at its best.The Dam built in 1955 with assistance from Government of Canada stands 155 ft high and 2170 ft across in Dumka District the border area of the two states of Bengal and Jharkhand.  The tourists can spend some time at the small recreation park or can hire boat to cruise the Mayurakshi river and have a wonderful view of the dam and the surrounding area. Distance: 70 kms 


Mama Bhagne Pahar

 Pahar is a rock formation near Dubrajpur ,  It is a pair of almost spherical natural boulders of granite rock, one balancing on the top of other. The balancing of the rocks are so surprising that it is a famous landmark in West Bengal, where it is known as Mama-Bhagne (the uncle and the nephew ). The site has a number of boulders splintered across the place. 


Prakriti Bhavan

 Located in the Ballavpur area of Santiniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal. The world’s unique Nature Art museum with an impressive indoor display of natural sculptures in driftwood, dry wood and transcreation in metal with a sprawling open air garden of natural rock sculptures


Viswabharati Campus

 Visva-Bharati University is a public central university located in Santiniketan, West Bengal. It was founded by Rabindranath Tagore


Kopai River

 The Kopai River is a tributary of the Mayurakshi River. It flows past such towns as Santiniketan, Bolpur, Kankalitala, Kirnahar and Labhpur in Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is a small river in dry season but overflows its banks during the monsoon 


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